Spring water in Cyprus delivered to your door

Pure, crystal clear, refreshing spring water, just as nature intended.
Farmakas water is available in stores throughout Cyprus, as well as delivered to your home or office. Click here

Natural mountain spring water

Spring Water is rich in natural minerals, such as calcium, magnesium & potassium.
This makes it ideal drinking water for mothers & babies, children, active lifestyles & elderly.

Stay healthy, drink spring water

Water is life. This is a fact. Water is the fluid that balances your health, both mind & body.
It keeps you hydrated, transports nutrients throughout the body & flushes out toxins from the system.

Water is an important and life-sustaining drink

Excluding fat, water composes approximately 70% of the human body by mass. It is a crucial component of metabolic processes and serves as a solvent for many bodily solutes. Every cell in our body depends on water.
It carries nutrients to our cells, and helps us flush toxins from our organs.

Drops of life

In Cyprus, water is particularly important due to the warm dry climate. Drinking water restores fluid loss through our metabolism, breathing, sweating, and removal of bodily waste. The amount of water each person should consume varies; anywhere from 8 to 15 glasses per day, depending on such factors as their body weight, activity level and of course the temperature. What is for certain is that you should never wait to be thirsty before drinking water. Indeed, thirst is a sign of already being dehydrated. Thus, one should consume water regularly throughout the day. Especially in Cyprus, drinking water is vital to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. At the same time, drinking too much water, albeit rare, is also not good, as it over-hydrates the body. Moderate drinking of water is the key to keeping your body hydrated and healthy.

About Us

Farmakas Natural Spring Water is a family-run business. Our company has been bottling water since 1993, and continues to grow throughout Cyprus.

Farmakas (Greek: Φαρμακάς) is a village in the Nicosia District of Cyprus, located at 1,400 metres altitude in the majestic Troodos Mountain range. This is the source of our pure water, as well as the inspiration behind our company, providing a wide variety of water products.

Company Reputation

In a community-driven and close-knit society market such as Cyprus, a company's reputation is everything. We pride ourselves on our business rapport & ethics.

Farmakas Natural Spring Water is an ardent supporter of the local Farmakas village community, as well as sponsoring other wider national initiatives and sustainable practices. It is our corporate responsibility, but also our devotion to the community and environment.

Our Products; in stores & delivery

250ml water cups; bottles 500 & 700ml

Small bottle sizes, convenient & accessible for everyday use. Available throughout Cyprus.

Farmakas Spring Water 1.5 litre bottle

Regular water use at home or office. Pick up from all good stores & supermarkets in Cyprus.

Spring Water 10 & 20 litre bottles

Full value-for-money & bulk water use. Delivered to your home, office or business in Cyprus.